EQUANCOIN is a peer-to-peer digital cryptocurrency based on the script algoritm, which makes it possible to transfer any amount to anyone instantly, with nearly zero costs.
With Proof Of Stake (PoS) it is possible to stake with no maximum age.


EQUANCOIN is a peer-to-peer digital cryptocurrency based on the script algoritm. Our mission is to build a stable cryptocurrency that can make transfers and payments possible to anyone. With a lower total supply we can keep the value of the coin, together with no maximum stake time, the coin can be profitable aswell.
One of the primary goals behind EQUANCOIN is to support the gaming industry which goes all the way around from the game developing to the competetive players.

Fast transactions with low fees

Support gaming industry

Profitable staking

Low total supply

Coin information

Coin name
Coin abbreviation
Scrypt (PoS)
Coin supply
24.150.000 coins
Min. stake age
8 hours
Max. stake age
PoS percentage
10% per year
Coinbase maturity
10 blocks
Transaction confirmations
6 blocks

Road Map

February Q3


Build new website, design material and block explorer
May Q4


Get listed on more exchanges
August Q3 - Q4


Build more eSport partnerships
November Q2


Wallet for mobile devices

Frequently Asked Question

Windows SmartScreen is a new feature in Windows 8 to help protect users from running unverified software downloaded from the internet. It’s a nice feature but it sometimes blocks our generated wallet.

You can fix this using the following instructions.

1) Right click the wallet (exe) and select “Properties”.
2) Select “Unblock”.
3) You can now start the wallet (exe).

You need to install the following dependencies to start your wallet in Ubuntu desktop.

apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libdb-dev libdb++-dev libboost-all-dev git libssl1.0.0-dbg libdb-dev libdb++-dev libboost-all-dev libminiupnpc-dev libminiupnpc-dev libevent-dev libcrypto++-dev libgmp3-dev libqtgui4



You can backup your wallet using the following instructions.

1) Close your wallet.
2) Open the folder “%APPDATA%\EQUANCOIN\”.
3) Copy the file wallet.dat to a safe location.



You can restore your wallet using the following instructions.

1) Close your wallet.
2) Make a backup of the folder “%APPDATA%\EQUANCOIN\”.
3) Copy the file wallet.dat from your backup to the folder “%APPDATA%\EQUANCOIN\”.



Open your wallet, and make sure you are connected. You are connected if you see the icon Wallet Connections in the lower right corner of your wallet.

Leave your wallet open and unlocked to stake.
Keep in mind that stake can only be generated when you have a balance in your wallet.

The following only applies if you encrypted your wallet.

You can unlock your wallet using the following instructions.

Go to Help.
Click Debug Window.
This is the console where you will execute all commands.

Type this command to start staking:
walletpassphrase REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_PASSWORD 9999999 true
Replace the text “REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_PASSWORD” with your password.

The number 9999999 is the amount of seconds you want to leave your wallet unlocked for staking.

You can disable staking by adding a parameter to your config file.
Use the following instructions to stop staking in your wallet.

Close your wallet and create the file EQUANCOIN.conf in the folder “%APPDATA%\EQUANCOIN\”.

Paste the following text into EQUANCOIN.conf and save the file.


If your transaction failed please restart your wallet and be patience. The transaction can fail by multiple reasons, but if you restart the wallet and wait a little time, the transaction should be completed if there is suffient funds in your wallet.



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